Monday, October 12, 2015

Gee, ya think they're happy to have us back?

Yes, we boarded the hounds, aka the Three Musketeers, for the 2 weeks we were on vacation recently.  That vacation, lovely as it was, ended Saturday.  Yesterday we made the trip out to the Ranch to trade our trailer in, and  to reclaim our dogs.

We suspected they'd be happy to see us...we had no idea!  Now, understand that they love (except Shiloh) being at the Ranch.   They love Roy and Cindy almost as much as they love us.  The Ranch is the place where a dog  can be just a dog, doing doggie things, like ratting the fences and barking all day long at the other dogs just because they can.

When we got to the Ranch, we spotted Indy and Ranger in the back house-pen.  It took a second or two for them to realize it was us, and then they began to go totally ape!  Indy was jumping up and down and spinning in circles, while Ranger yowled and jumped.  We managed to force our way into the pen, as the dogs wanted to come OUT to see us.  After a minute or two Shiloh finally came around the corner to see what the fuss was.  Then she got into the act, barking and whining, yippiing contantly and wiggling!  It was a joyous reunion!

This morning, Ranger moved to the couch when DH got up, then Monkey3 lay down with him, and soon Indy joined them.  Gee, do you think they missed us?

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  1. Awwwe! Dogs are great! Mine gets a dog sitter when we're away because we can't kennel him. He's chewed through chain link fencing to get back to the house and we know of dogs who've been killed in traffic escaping kennels just to go home. But when we get back, my dog absolutely will not let me out of his sight for a day or two... bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, especially bathroom. Can't keep the door closed! :-)


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