Thursday, October 29, 2015

My favorite time of year

I think, if forced to choose a favorite season, it would be Fall.  Growing up in the Midwest, summer, though welcome, tends to be too hot and humid to be truly enjoyable, though the body does adapt.  Spring, well everyone seems to welcome the sight of new green after the long cold of Winter.  But it seems a bit more volatile, weatherwise, and sometimes it feels like Spring is a victim of its own popularity.  Winter, well, as a kid there's never enough snow, and as an adult there is far too much snow and ice!
Of course, now that my metabolism has come back from its decades long vacation to Aruba (thank God for T3 supplements!) winter has lost some of its bite.  My feet no longer resemble blocks of ice on a daily basis despite wool socks and insulated boots indoors!
But Fall, now there is a season!  As we age, Fall reminds us of our own mortality, as the leaves turn color and fall to the littered ground.  I miss that shock of color from the maples in NE Kansas.  Down here in TX, the trees just do not 'do color' like the more northern hardwoods.  This is as good as the color gets in DFW.

It does tend to rain more in the fall in Texas, but that is not a bad thing usually...Of course if it's scheduled to rain on Halloween, like it is this year, well, I know a certain 3 Monkeys that would prefer it wait another day or two before that strange water begins to fall from the sky again.

Along with Fall comes Halloween, and the fun that can entail, especially with kids in the home.  The Monkeys have happily accepted our version of Halloween night, with costumes, movies, pizza and popcorn in return for them giving away candy to other peoples kids, and not going door to door themselves.  Then not long after, comes Thanksgiving.  We have a lot to be thankful for again this year, though we have certainly had our share of health issues and other stressors!

In addition to the above, Fall also generally begins the season known in Texas as No Air Conditioning Season.  Yes, usually the temps and humidity drop enough to turn off the A/C and open the windows.  Yay!  That in itself is almost enough to make Fall my favorite.

So there you have take on the seasons, and my personal favorite.  What is your favorite season, readers?

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  1. My favorite is definitely spring. It rained here on Halloween last year. We went trick or treating anyway but it was a little miserable.


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