Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Winter is coming...2015

In past years, (2012, 2013)I have written on the concept of "winter is coming'.  If you read GRR Martin's Game of Thrones series, or watch the HBO version you should be familiar with the phrase.  And now, sadly, it seems we move even closer to David Weber's People's Republic of Haven (Honor Harrington series).

The Middle East is still a mess.  I never in my life thought I would respect Russia for stepping into Syria and attempting to help the lesser of the evils there.I had always thought we would be the ones to do that.  But no, we are actively supporting groups including ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaeda, and Hamas, while our same gov't is doing all it can to snub, embarrass, and potentially abandon Israel.

While Europe managed to prop Greece up for a bit longer, their financial houses are still in disarray.  And now they are beset with a glut of illegal immigrants from the Middle East.  I really can't help but think that Europe has suffered an invasion, especially if you look at what is happening over there. These are just a couple recent stories on the web.
German newspaper documents anti-migrant 'hate speech' on FACEBOOK... 


MPs 'drawing up plans' to close borders in challenge to Merkel...

Slovenia deploys army as thousands of migrants seek to transit...

And just in case you thought bad stuff only happened over there, Canada just fell to the Progressive Promises onslaught.  One can only hope they wise up faster than this country has...  Hey Bernie!  How ya gonna PAY for all that free $h!+ ?  Huh?

And I thought climate change (or wait, isn't it global warming?) was supposed to devastate us with massive hurricanes!  So why has it been 118 months, yes in 4 days from now it will have been exactly TEN YEARS since a major hurricane struck the USA.  Ten freaking years!   Oh and this winter we thankfully (at least here in TX we are thankful) we are to get a decent El Nino effect which means a wet winter and spring.  This particular cycle is shaping up to be a monster of its own, and the weatherguessers have dubbed it the Godzilla El Nino.

Hang on tight, my friends, it's going to be a bumpy ride for a while!

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