Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I'm beginning to think the cure is worse...

Flagyl, aka metronidazol, is the friend I love to hate.  Short of an allergic reaction, I think I've had every noted side affect and even the rare ones.  And I have 6 more days of this crap.  Plus the added bennie that the sides usually last at least a week past final dose.

Gads, I swear, this stuff is worse than what ails me!  (maybe...)

I even begged my doc for something different...his response?  Not if you want to get well.  They won't prescribe different unless you ARE allergic to it.  and I'm not...not yet anyway.


  1. Oh dear...just the sound of it makes me hope you get well VERY quickly!!!...:)JP

  2. Oh I was on that in high school when I picked up a parasite in Costa Rica and got very ill. It was so long ago...I don't remember the side effects but I had been so sick I probably felt better on it (I lost so much weight with the parasite that people were calling my mother to intervene because they thought I was anorexic). Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you're ill. :-(
    Hope you're feeling better for the long romantic weekend.


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