Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It'll be a late spring garden...

Since we are moving (soon!) to a place with enough space for kids, dogs and a garden, I have been thinking about what to try to grow up there.  I am told the soil is more acidic, and therefore more likely for apple trees to survive (cotton root rot).  I will have space to put in a series of raised beds, to ensure better drainage.  The sprinkler system (aerobic) should help to water everything.  We'll just have to remember to wash it all really well!

So, my list of want-to-grow consists of plums (Methley & Ozark Premier) and apples (Mollie Delicious and Gala), tomatoes (gotta grow tomatoes!), green peppers, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, sweet corn, and maybe some beans (green or pinto).

But this first year, we will be getting a late start due to the move dates, and the need to get settled before trying to build a garden.  I'm thinking if I can get a small frame built quickly, I will go with radishes, lettuce and tomatoes or green peppers.

The fruit trees will go in this coming fall, once we pick out a good site for them.  And don't forget, I have to lay out a dog run, and a chicken coop/run!


  1. Sounds totally awesome with all the fruit and veggies! My son would love to have sheep, but we don't have zoning for even chickens, much less actual livestock. Lol! Post photos when you get yourself settled! :D

  2. Yep...those 6 P's...prior proper planning prevents poor performance...will payoff bigtime!!...:)JP


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