Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Back from the dead, and ready to party!

For the Technorati out there, this has been a trying week.  First I dropped my smart phone in the pool.  Despite my best efforts, it died. 

While the withdrawal was noticeable, I didn't get the shakes or anything...but after dropping the phone at the repair place 90mi away, they told me it was toast, DRT.  The bad part was realizing all the data, critical stuff, that was stored there, and only there because the program does not sync between devices.

DH said I could have his phone (twin to mine) after he got himself a Nexus 6.  I figured this was fine, as I like the Galaxy class phones, and I also got the truck when we traded in the van, so I wasn't gonna complain that he got a new phone!

I finally got in touch with the phone repair fools and asked then to mail me the dead phone and I would pay postage. 

They called me back shortly, saying they had mailed it back and that it was unexpectedly working! Yay!

Yes, my Galaxy S4 is back from the dead and ready to party!

Now I just have to copy down all the critical files by hand and lock it in the document safe...

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