Saturday, March 5, 2016

I'm so tired, my hair hurts!

This week has been a selling, buying, moving out and moving in kind of week.  Today we finally managed to vacate our old house and clean it.  This involved a 26' Ryder lift gate truck, a concrete crew (God bless them!), and an 1100# metal box...oh, and a storage unit full of furniture.

After clearing out the house, we went to the storage units and DH, the Monkeys and I emptied one unit into the 26' truck, and our small trailer.

Then we drove all the way to our new place, and off loaded the Ryder truck, so DH could drive all the way down to Farmers Branch after 8pm to return the truck.  That's about a 2:30hr drive, down.  I don't know yet if he is getting a motel for the night, or if he is driving another 2:30 hrs back home.  Mind you, he got up at 03:30 this morning!

So yeah, we are a little bit worn out!  And there are still two more storage units to clear out...


  1. I can't wait to see it when you have your stuff in. It is such a beautiful home.


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