Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bench work

After completing the wall in the shop, DH wanted to get to work on the reloading bench.  After all, the election concludes Tuesday, and he wanted to have something to do  besides watch election returns.

So the paint was barely dry on the wall, before he started working on the construction of the new reloading bench.  This went more smoothly than the wall build, though there were some setbacks.  We found out that using joist hangers just wasn't a great idea.  Call it tolerance stacking errors, or what have you, they just did not give the results we expected.
 The top to the bench was finally completed.  The deck on it is 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood, topped by a 1/4" finish grade plywood sheet. The two  3/4 " pieces were clued and screwed together, and screwed into the supports underneath.  Then the top 1/4" sheet was just glued down.  The picture below is how we ensured the glue adhered evenly, to hold down the top sheet without coming up.  Yes, that is most of our kettlebell collection doing double duty to press the plywood down into the glue.
The bench top was then lag-bolted to the wall, into the studs.  4x4" legs were cut for the front of the bench top, and lag-bolted to the top.  Everything was levelled during this process.  The bench top itself will be stained a light oak color and coated with polyurethane for protection.  The legs, made of pressure treated 4x4"s will be painted (probably white, once they dry fully).  Pressure treated wood seems to be very damp when you first buy it so you don't want to paint it until later or the paint won't take.

And yesterday, after a trip to the Metromess for a orthopedic visit, I wandered over to the ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) to look for cabinets for the shop.  SCORE!  I found a huge stash of nice wall and floor cabinets.  DH only wanted wall mounted ones, so I got two double cabinets.  They were in good shape, and are just what he was looking for.  I also got them at a VERY nice price!

DH mounted the cabinets while I was away this weekend at a conference.  They look great.  And here he is, setting the first piece of peg board!  He has wanted peg board on the walls since before we met.  I had obtained a large quantity of peg board in the spring, for his birthday, and now he finally has a place to use it.

We finished out the bench top last night.  To say the bench is sturdy is somewhat of an understatement.  I think it could almost double as a storm shelter by itself.  But, since the presses to apply quite a lot of force, you don't want a wobbly bench.  Of course, I didn't get to enjoy laminating down the finish-grade plywood last night.  It seems I have picked up some sort of nasty intestinal bug.  I have been in gut-agony for about 18hrs.  Blech!  At least it's not diverticulitis.  I should be happy for small favors...
Late update:   I  am all better now,  and the bench is all done and in use. 


  1. Wow. DH does good work! Does he rent out? *lol*
    May the LORD bless and keep you. ~:)

  2. So glad you're well again! That project looks totally awesome! Great use for those kettlebells -- LOL!


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