Thursday, November 24, 2016


Being thankful is something that should not be relegated to a single day each year.   But perhaps today is a good day to list some of those blessings,  to better bring them to mind.

Things I am  thankful for; my husband's good job,  my family's health,  the unexpected joy of chickens,  our friends both old and new,  our home here, and our church family.  I am also thankful the election season is over.

There are many other blessings I have received,  but to be honest, I am tired and well fed, and my brain is short of caffeine today.  So I will just wish you all a very happy  Thanksgiving  .


  1. There is indeed a lot to be thankful for. I also thank the LORD our God for such wonderful blogging friends (like you) who are as real to me as those who live next door. Hope you know that.
    Beautiful picture of the fireplace. I wish it would get cold enough to light a fire here. We're still running the A/C in SE Georgia. Need rain desperately too.
    Happy (day after) Thanksgiving! ~:)

  2. Well said! We're so blessed living where we do, as we do. Even our pup has recovered somewhat so we have a lot to be thankful for too. :-)


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