Monday, November 7, 2016

Shop Work

For a long time, DH has wanted a nice shop.  We had one 14 years ago, back in Kansas...but in the Metromess, we just did not have space.  We never were able to even park a car in our garage there!

But now, we have a nice 24'x30' shop.  Back in April, I got DH a gift he has longed for, for decades.  A giant pile of peg board.  You know, those 4x8' sheets of material with all the holes in rows?  You put 'em on walls to hang tools on.  He has always wanted to be able to organize all his tools this way.   So when I saw a pile of peg board for sale, I snagged it.

Well, this past week we started building out the shop, just how he wants it.  It's sort of a learning process, at least in building walls, for both of us.
 One can hide a multitude of carpentry sins with chipboard!  But at least we have learned more, and the next set of walls should be much improved.  We had thought about insulating behind the walls, but it was cost prohibitive, and without insulating the entire shop, it wouldn't make a difference in temperature control.
DH is handy with a screwgun!

Me?  I'm in charge of painting.

Secret messages in the paint.

All painted!

Next up is building the reloading bench. It will be mounted to the wall you see, for stability. This bench will be a huge upgrade for us on space.  Our old bench was approximately 8 sqft.  This new bench will be 22 sqft. It will also serve as a template for the bike work bench, unless we decide to buy a commercial work bench for the bike area.  Where you see the ladder above, will be the bike storage area.  They will hang from brackets we will mount on the wall we have yet to build.

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  1. That space looks fantastic! My hubs would be jealous ;-)


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