Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy week keeps me off the bike

It has been a busy week or so here at the Casa...between a date with my husband for his birthday, and Scouting events past and upcoming, Easter & Good Friday Tenebrae services, and life in general, I haven't ridden for a while!

This could be an issue, since I have committed to the Aledo Ride for Heroes, on the 21st. Guess I will have to gut it out in the hills west of here, for I opted to try the 73mi route. I hope the weather is good. I am pretty sure I can do the distance, especially since it is a supported ride--I just hope to make good time on it. Dave says I only need to maintain a 12+mph avg to get done in 6hrs (not counting rest stops). I guess I can manage that--I will just have to make sure not to stop too long at any of the SAG stops.

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