Friday, April 27, 2012

What to do with a Saturday?

Hmm...what to do with tomorrow? Dave is off to Munchkin Land Muenster TX for the Muenster Germanfest Metric bicycle ride and I will have the Monkeys all day. All I know for sure that I need to do, is to prep the chickens with marinades for Beercan Chicken tomorrow evening on the grill. That shouldn't take too long provided I can clear out enough room in the fridge to keep it all cold, all day long in different marinade bowls.

I've been experimenting with injected marinades like these by Stubbs. I used the Texas Butter one on a pork tenderloin roast, and then soaked it in this one for 3-4hrs for extra flavor. I know it says Chicken Marinade, but it is great on pork too! The pork turned out so tasty, even Monkey3 liked it! Now THAT is a real seal of approval!

But what to do with tomorrow? Perhaps we will go metal detecting. Haven't done that in a long time, and I've had the urge to detect, lately. There are several good parks that I bet have not been hunted anytime recently, and one huge one, that renews itself so rapidly, it doesn't really matter if it gets hunted regularly--there is always something new to dig out of the wood chips! Hunting would give the Monkeys plenty of time to blow off some stink, running around the play parks too. I can think of a couple closer parks to go to, that might yield some goodies, and not take too much gas to get to. I'd love to hit the wooden-structure park in Denton (there are two actually) but they will both be zoos tomorrow, and are too far to drive to, in the Honda.

We might even take Shiloh with us, so to give her more exposure to other people and maybe other dogs. It would do her good, and she is the most peacable of the hounds at home. The boys can hang out, out back in the shade and play Rat-the-Fence with the neighbor dogs!

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