Thursday, April 12, 2012

Garden 2012

So once again I am trying a small garden in Texas. So far my attempts to garden successfully have resulted in cucumbers with Wilt, apples the rats stole, blueberries that seldom pollinated and did poorly last year in the drought, herbs that perished in the heat, lettuce that went wild, and two successful items--parsley and radishes.


Not exactly a shining example of self sufficiency is it? Well, last year the 4x4 garden went by the wayside in the heat and the lettuce I planted went to seed. I didn't think it would reseed itself, but two varieties seem to have not only reseeded, but thrived! The lettuce you see below, is stuff that overwintered here in DFW. We've had one large salad from it so far, and if I am careful, we might get a couple more.

One of the Lettuce Survivors

I decided again to try my hand at peppers and tomatoes (in hopes of salsa). Since all my attempts to bucket tomatoes failed miserably, I decided to double my in-ground space to 4x8 and put in 3 tomato plants and 3 peppers. Monkey1 wants to also start some Hungarian Wax Peppers from seed--they might be producing by fall if they survive the summer heatwave. Monkey2 wants to plant radishes, which is great, 'cause I can usually grow radishes well, even if I hate to eat them! I just enjoy growing them, and the kids and Dave like them.

Peppers and Tomatoes

I try to follow some aspects of Square Foot gardening, and it tends to work pretty well. At least it did last year with the early lettuce and spinach and of course, radishes. The radishes will be planted successively, a row or two at a time, so that after 3 weeks, we should have new radishes to harvest every week for as long as I want to keep planting the seeds.

I may grab some more dirt and get some chives again. They were useful for cooking last year, but died out, and I wouldn't mind trying again. I will probably plant them in a plastic flower box like the parsley is in, and try to keep it shaded better than last year.

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