Thursday, April 19, 2012

Musings on bike shops...

So yesterday was Packet Pick Up for the Aledo Ride for the Heroes. I had to drive down to RBM for this. Now RBM is the largest bike shop in the Metromess, and certainly the largest I've ever been in. It's the shop that first sponsored Lance--yes, THAT Lance! It is sort of stunning when you first walk into the Mothership and see that many, high end road bikes filling the building. There must be several million dollars worth of built bikes on racks, on the sales floor, hanging from the ceiling...

When I pulled into the parking lot, I was initially surprised to see so many cyclists milling around. But then I realized it must be one of their evening ride groups. Still, there were 60+ riders there, all on $$$bikes. Suddenly I was acutely aware that I had a recumbent sticker on the back of the car. I looked around carefully--nary a 'bent in sight! Why, I only saw TWO Aerobellies in the whole bunch! I realized sadly, that I no longer felt like I fit in with such a crowd--not because I am older, nor because I was wearing Birkenstocks (heck that should've made me fit in!). Not even because I was on foot (after all I do ride a fair bit nowadays), or because I was slower than them when riding. It was because I ride a recumbent--like this one in particular. Never before had I felt like the red-headed stepchild, in a crowd of cyclists. It was an odd experience.

I bear no ill thoughts toward roadies--if it were not for the arthritis in my hands, I would still have and ride my Masi Gran Corsa, well spec'd out with Campy parts. It would have been 'old school' in that crowd, but would have fit right in, and I'd have still been too slow to hang with them. But I would've fit in...

I guess although the 'bent has been instrumental in my weightloss, and overall health improvements, and has gotten me out riding again (YAY!), it has also changed how I feel I am viewed by a majority of roadies. Motorcyclists seem friendlier on the road, than most roadies. (Note: I said most, not all).

I guess I will just stick with my RBENT crowd, and be in like-minded company...trying to organize some small group rides for us 'benters in the north part of the Metromess. BTW, all riders are welcome to show up for any RBENT rides I offer up--trikes, MTB's, DF's, name it, if you pedal it, I'll try and ride with you! And remember, once you get 'bent, the only thing you are at the end of a long ride, is TIRED!

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  1. I find that most roadies are usually friendly (although there are those who refuse to recognize my presence).

    If you miss such rides, just grab your 'bent and go. I'd worry about matching speed and distance of a group and not so much about what bike you're riding. It is true that some groups might get uppity about such things, but most won't and even those that do can often be guilted into letting you ride with them anyway.


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