Monday, January 21, 2013

A 1-Beer day so far...

It's not been a good day, if I am looking for a beer at 3:30.  Now, it wasn't a "bad" day--nobody died that I care about, the kids behaved well, the dogs are healthy...but it has been an annoying day.  A Beer Day.

1.  The pharmacy has to special order DH's med pack.  So I have to make a second trip, tomorrow evening to pick it up.
2.  The library was closed.  I forgot it was a library holiday today.  So I have to make a second trip to get the Monkey's movie.
3.  While I did score the last 1# can of TiteGroup powder in all of NTX at Cabelas today, they overcharged me on that, and also on the die set I snagged.  I caught one error during checkout, but not the other.
4.  When I called Cabelas, they said they would refund me if it was a credit card, over the phone, but it wasn't.  So I had to make a second trip there to get my 2$ back. 
5.  Then the guy behind their CS counter gave me some serious runaround (very unlike Cabelas), but eventually refunded my overcharge.
6.  Then I find out that ATT Uverse has misplaced the modem I returned to them back on the 8th, and are still holding me liable for the $150 thing which I told them not to send me, and which I shipped back with the label their tech mailed to me!
7.  Finally, I ended up grousing at the Monkeys for my inability to find my pocket camera.  They are prone to "borrowing" it for their own use, and I didn't see it on the computer desk, so I groused at them for losing it.  Then I found it...on the computer bad!
8.  Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat sure does go down smooth...perhaps my day is looking up now!

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  1. I seared a steak and made a cream sauce for the top with apple brandy. The onions roasted to go with also were drizzled in apple brandy prior to roasting (I'm detecting a trend here).

    Enjoy your evening and I hope tomorrow goes a little smoother.


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