Monday, January 21, 2013

Venison Roast

Sorry for no pictures to entice you...we devoured this on Saturday.  A friend of ours was most generous, and gave me a venison shoulder, and half the backstrap from a nice buck he shot at the end of deer season.  It's been a while since I've cooked venison, so I called another friend to ask her recipe.  Here you try not to drool on the keyboard!  It's hard on the electronics!

Take one venison shoulder or ham, bone in.  Remove any extraneous fat and fascia that you can get to easily.  Rinse the meat well, to remove any stray bits of deer hair--it gets everywhere if you don't pay attention.

Mix 1 packet brown gravy , one packet Good Seasons Zesty Italian dressing , and one packet Ranch Dressing and stir until blended.  Slice 2-3 onions and put in the bottom of your large crock pot.  Put the meat on top of the onions.  Coat the meat with the seasoning mix powder on all sides.  My roast was still partly frozen, so this was harder to make it fit the slow cooker.  Add 3C water to the crock pot.  Cover and turn on low, at bedtime.  By morning, you will be drooling!  If you're not drooling, somebody better check your temperature, 'cause you must've assumed ROOM TEMP!

Flip the meat over, in the morning, and continue cooking until you can pull out the bones by hand.  It's ready to eat, by then, and if you are ready to serve, go ahead.  I recommend homemade mashed potatoes, with gravy from the juices in the crock pot, along with Abuela F.'s homemade baked macaroni and cheese with bacon!

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  1. That sounds SO good! Partner bought me one of those french enamel cooking pots (dutch oven type) for Christmas and this likes something that would be perfect for it cooked on the stovetop or in the oven on low. Thanks!


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