Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Annual Lung Crud

What a difference a year makes....this time last year I had not yet gone to the doc for what turned out to basically be walking pneumonia.  Instead, I went out for a 50+mi bike ride in the cold, and made things worse.

This year, on NYE, I detected the low deep barky cough when I woke up, and mentioned it to Dave, who has been fighting off the flu and a respiratory infection.  I think I said something mildly sarcastic, like "Thanks Love, now I've got it."  But in the afternoon, after determining it wasn't going away but was instead worsening, I went to the doc.  I got some meds, yay, and started the Zpack to kill off whatever was trying to build a condo in my lungs.  It's the color and approximate consistency of flan...y'all know what flan is, right?
Easy Flan Recipe

I'm now on day 3 of the Zpack and while the fever is now gone I think, and the cough is controlled and not spastic, I still feel like crap.  I can't tell if the abdominal discomfort is due to hunger, or queasyness.  I am not really hungry, which tells me right there, I am not well, but food still tastes good, and I enjoy it when inspired to eat some.

I am desperate to get back on the bike and start riding.  I just fear doing so will make things worse.  The last thing I want is to make this crud worse.  I signed up for some sort of distance challenge on Strava.  I hope I am well enough soon enough to start riding for it.  Dave at least, went out for a morning ride and his usual commute today.  I hope he doesn't induce a relapse too.

Here's hoping the rest of y'all out there are healthier than I, and are having fun doing those things you enjoy. 
Happy New Year (a day late!)

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