Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shiloh Antics

The Couch Snurgler!

 Shiloh is the newest addition to the house pack of hounds.  She has been with us now, almost a year, making her 2 yrs old now--still a puppy in some ways of the Ridgeback, and mature beyond her years in others.  She's funny that way--funny strange, not funny haha.  Even at a year old when we first took her in, she generally acted quite the grown-up Ridgie.  Most RR's don't grow up until at least 2 years old, so this behavior was unusual.

She still has a playful puppy side which comes out regularly, though with only the Two Old Men for her to play with (our senior Ridgies) she is sometimes lacking for a sporting partner.

So today, as I sat on the leather "people only" couch, somebody decided she would try to snurgle her way onto the couch beside me...she knows this is off limits, but I couldn't resist taking the pics before shooing her off!

The Recon and Approach...note the presence of "Old Dog" to act as a distraction...

Stage one of the attack!  Nose your head under the desired blanket and put front paws on the target area.

Obscure as much of your body as possible with the blanket.  Maybe Mom won't notice me!

Now to get the back end up and hidden.  There! I can't see Mom, therefore she can't see me!

Mission accomplished!


  1. Love it! She thinks "I can't see Mommy so Mommy can't see ME!. Great photos.

    Unfortunately the leather couch here has been breached so many times the battle was long since been given up on. At least it's easy to clean.

  2. That's too cute -- our dogs aren't allowed on the leather couch either, but a paw scrape apparently is... :)


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