Friday, March 29, 2013

Random 5 Fact Friday 3/29

Today's Random 5 Fact Friday:

1.  Wednesday night's full moon was gorgeous!  It looked like a big fat orange hanging in the sky just after dark.

2.  Patience pays off this week, with a number of purchases of "unobtanium" items.  It pays to pay attention to those "In Stock Now" email alerts!

3.  My pulled hamstring from last week's dirt moving, seems to have healed.  Last night's bike ride was uneventful.

4.  Roasting coffee beans at home smells bad, but oh my, the resulting coffee is SO much better than anything you can buy in the stores!

5. The Monkeys are starting to learn Spanish, with a CD set, The Learnables.  So far it is interesting, and bits of my own ancient Spanish is coming back to me.  Now that's scary!


  1. i love the word "hamstring" ... i can see the ham now. sorry to hear you were hurt. hope it is better asap.

    Happy Easter! take care. ( :

  2. Kids are quick learners ... it will be fun learning with them. Hamstring problems are no fun ... glad yours is better. I am a tea girl. Loved the worm moon. Happy Spring!

  3. I agree about that moon - it's really been something the past couple of nights!!

  4. Great list! I had no idea roasting coffee beans smelled bad! Love that your kids are learning Spanish from a CD.

  5. Love that your kiddoes are learning Spanish!

    Happy Easter to you and thanks for joining R5F this week. xo

  6. Fresh coffee tastes so much better. For roasting inside, you can use a coffee roaster with a filter ( Or you can roast outside


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