Sunday, March 17, 2013

The other Irish...

All my life I grew up more aware of what was going on in Northern Ireland than most folks in the Midwest.  My father's kin hail from Belfast, having worked in the great shipyards there, Harland and Wolff.  Though my father grew up across the Irish Sea in Liverpool, he was at times, profoundly Orange.

To midwesterners, orange and green are merely colors, and on St Patrick's Day, one of course wears green so as not to be pinched!  Unless you're me, who grew up singing along with the Irish Rovers, to some of whom I am likely related by blood... Even in high school I was known to wear an old Orange Crush t-shirt on St. Patrick's Day.  A couple of my closest friends understood, and sadly, only 2 HS teachers ever got it!

After dinner last night I decided to go a little Irish. My personal favorite beer is Shiner Black, but having spotted a Guinness Black Lager, I decided to try it.
Not as tasty as the Shiner, but not bad, and not as bitter as a traditional Guinness.  Today I will probably have the Harp Lager, as I know it is tasty.

A couple weeks ago,  whilst perusing the aisles at my local Walmart, I spotted a CD of Irish Music, and saw one of the original Rovers was featured.  Waxing a bit nostalgic, and missing my Dad, now passed some 4 years ago, I bought the CD.  I surprised even myself, by remembering the lyrics of the familiar songs on the CD.

This is what I remember...listen closely to the lyrics and you will understand a little bit about "that awful color problem of the Orange and the Green!"

Their music still makes me smile.  As they still tour, and perform I guess their music still strikes a chord with many others, both young and old.

So in honor of my background, and maybe to play Poke the Bear just a wee bit, this is what I wore to church today!  And to my surprise, one of our elders understood!  It made my day.


  1. I really don't know the first thing about beer...other than I don't care for it. Good to hear you didn't go all Irish!...:)JP

  2. Oh I loved the Irish Rovers my Grandmother was Irish. :) B

  3. Daddy's Mothers' people, Hamrick is how it's spelled now, came here in 1624 from Ireland and we think might have originated in Scotland before that. We're from Wales as well and England; who knows where else? I keep telling Mom she need to do some ancestry work but she's lazy and wants me to do it. As if!
    My plate can't be scraped clean in a dozen years.


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