Friday, March 22, 2013

Random 5 Fact Friday

So I have decided to play along with the Random 5 Fact Friday meme...

1.  The dogs need their rabies vaccines this month.  I';m not looking forward to taking two large Ridgebacks to a vet that has shop-cats roaming around!    It could turn into a real furball!

2.  The trees and shrubs around here are mostly blooming now, but the drought damage is obvious, sadly.

3.  I'm trying to let all the broken, short bits of my hair grow out, so I can either try a new style, or just get it all pulled back into a ponytail.  But I hate the process, and it looks horrid!

4.  I'm having trouble keeping up my motivation for the exercising and weight loss.  Coming up on year 2, but it is getting difficult.

5.  I'm thinking of getting some Kryptoglow scales for this knife, the BK-11.  I really like the look of the scalloped dark blue set at the bottom of the page, but the glow-scales are cool too!  Which would YOU get?


  1. How about some glow in the dark paint instead -- for the knife? Would be much cheaper. :)

  2. There's only 4$ difference between the glow and non-glow scales. The BK-11 has no scales (handles) at all. It's sold that way.

  3. First of all, we owned a precious, wonderful female Rhodesian Ridgeback for years and lost her to cancer, and miss her terribly! You have TWO!!!!?

    Secondly, is the knife handle coated with kryptonite? It might be bad for someone loosely related to Superman. Just kidding. I'd get the glow handle.

    Glad you joined in...hope to see you again! Enjoyed your 5. Oh, and you might try getting rid of the word don't have to deal with spam if you set up to review your messages before they appear on your blog. A lot of people won't take the time to prove they aren't a robot and you won't have as many viewers.

  4. BK11-19 blue is freakin' awesome. now what would you be using it for? around the home or farm? ( :

  5. Marie, we actually have 3 RR's. Sorry to hear you lost your RR to cancer though.

    Beth, the knife is for general use around the casa, and also for carry and outdoor functions.

  6. I enjoyed your Random 5. I think Rhodesian Ridgebacks are so beautiful. We don't have dogs, but we do have two cats. It's not fun taking them to the vet's either!

    The growing-the-hair out phase is so frustrating! I'm in an in between stage myself. I'm ready to cut it all off!

  7. Kryptoglow stuff sounds like SuperHero Gear . . I clicked to find out and - yeppers - you MUST be in to amazing - save the world - stuff.


  8. Ridgebacks were always on my them although I've never owned one...let alone two!...:)JP

  9. I am so thankful my vet makes farm calls! Although they did work in Sadie for a quick visit on Saturday; seems she's been having TMJ trouble. That big mouth eats everything she can reach and those jaws *snap*...
    As to's a struggle but my bp demands it.
    Those are some fine looking knives and I'd have to go for the dark blue as well; don't care for the ones that glow.


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