Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Texas Chainsaw Massacree!

No, not the bad movie, based loosely on Ed Gein, though I bet most folk who have seen the movie didn't know about Gein.  Which is just as well...

No, I am referring instead to the fun and amusement I get, from encouraging my better half to occasionally buy new tools...Stihl tools!  And the enjoyment I get, hearing him tell of the looks and comments he gets when he tells the guys at the shop, "Well, my wife said to go out and buy myself a new chainsaw!"

Turns out our almost-new Stihl MS170 14" chainsaw is very popular with our friends at the dog rescue ranch.  It is light and easy to run all day, especially for those of us challenged with various forms of arthritis.  We had been thinking of getting a second used saw, and donating it to them.  But used saws were selling for near-new prices, and honestly, you just never know how a used saw was treated.  I would hate to donate a saw that didn't run well, like a Stihl.

So I suggested to Dave that he shop for a new saw for us, and donate our existing saw, which has less than 20hrs on it (if that!), and which we know how it was cared for.  That meant my sweetie got to go Stihl shopping.  Now, what red blooded American man doesn't like shopping for a new chainsaw?

I did the legwork on the phone, checking prices and configurations at the local Stihl dealers.  He got to go buy it.  A Stihl MS180CBE, which comes with the easy-pull start.  It should serve us well.

And here is the lucky guy, with his new saw!

One of his coworkers saw this pic and said "Run!  It's Halloween!", but I favor Arlo'ing things, hence the "Massacree".

Stay safe out there folks, and have fun!


  1. What a fun post . . . Thanks!

  2. That is the same kind we use we have bigger ones too there is a lot of wood cutting here on the farm. Good choice. Happy cutting:) B

  3. I bet you do need to cut a lot more wood on a farm, Buttons! Down here, cutting scrub for our Rescue friends, there really are not any "large" trees on the property. Most are sub-6" diameter at best!

  4. I read a book about Ed Gein for a criminology class I took in college.

    Great new tools!

  5. Stihl and Dewalt are my favorite tools but I'm afraid to use the chainsaw...just not strong enough in case something should happen. dang.
    btw, yes, Sadie is pure bred RR and a love bug; the Empress doesn't like getting her fanny cold or wet so when we're outside, she'll paw me to make me sit down, then she'll sit on me. dog is way smarter than me!

  6. LOL I adore this. It's important to know what makes them smile :)


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