Friday, December 13, 2013

Random 5 Friday 12/13/13

Well, I had this post started Tuesday night, but Blogger ate it.  Yep, vanished into the IntarWebz.  :(  So, starting over, I will be linking up via comments, with whichever of y'all wants to post their link in the comments here.  Nancy at A Rural Journal is taking a blogging break, so no linkup there.

1.  We have enjoyed playing lumberjack this past weekend, helping our neighbors out with their downed trees and limbs.  The Stihl 16" chainsaw ran, well, like a Stihl!  And the Monkeys were awesome!  They really stepped up and helped haul limbs and branches (even for us!).  DH and I are proud of them.

2.  With all the ice, it hasn't been safe to walk the dogs.  Shiloh has been keeping me up all hours of the night, wanting covered up, or out, or both.  Finally last night I got some decent sleep as the Monkeys woke up to take care of her.

3.  Between last Saturday's nasty migraine (complete with puking), and the lack of sleep, the lung crud is making a resurgence.  I don't feel as bad as I usually do with it though, so perhaps I can actually kill it myself this time, and skip a trip to the doc for antibiotics.

4.  With all the limbs to be collected by the city, we have had to pile them on the curb.  These walls of limbs promptly got named Zombie Walls!  The Monkeys loved it.  I think we need more/bigger walls if the zombies are coming...
Zombie Walls
5.  Most of my shopping is done, except for things like stocking stuffers, I think...  I hope everyone else out there is well set and well stocked for the coming winter--it starts a week from this Sunday, after all!  I had wanted to ride 50 miles that day, on the bike, but I don't know if I have it in the legs this time around.  I have been so long off the bike this fall.  


  1. Wow that is a lot of work I know ice does a lot of damage but you seem to have cleaned it all up in time for the festive season ahead. I do hope you start feeling better soon and things get back to normal for you and your family. Take care. B

  2. Ugh migraines are the worst. I hate them.

    Have you tried the ice walkers that go over your shoes? They truly work...I even run in them!

  3. Oh, no, you've got the crud too! Another blogger I follow, her husband has it. Yuck. Hope that's over for you soon with no doctor trips. I'm lucky, never had a migraine. They must be awful. I understand that there are new medical treatments for these. Well, I pray you NEVER are troubled with one again. And I like the Zombie Wall. What y'all really need is a Flame Thrower though. They're a real crowd pleaser. [ha ha]

  4. Buttons- I am feeling better somewhat today. I think going to bed by 8pm last night helped! I never get to bed that early!

    Lisa- fortunately I do not normally get migraines. This was unusual. As for crampons/ice-chains for shoes, they would have worked, but we get ice so seldom here as to not be worth the expense I think.

    Sparky-A flame thrower?? I like the way you think!

  5. Today blogger wouldn't let me add pix! I really am getting annoyed but not enough to use a flame thrower!...:)JP


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