Monday, December 30, 2013

Sprouts Farmers Market Discriminates!

Yeah, I am pretty upset by this. They just built a new Sprouts Market in town, and it has a lot of nice stuff.  I like liked it.  I like liked shopping for certain items there--the bulk foods section is good.

On their doors previously, was the standard TABC "Blue Sign" (required where alcohol is sold) stating it is a felony to carry a concealed weapon on the premises without a license.  A licensed CHL holder is not restricted by such a sign, as they possess the requisite LICENSE!

But just this week, Sprouts Farmers Market stores, headquartered in Arizona, decided it was necessary to post the signs necessary to restrict LAWFUL concealed carry on their premises. Why, I do not know.  Their customer service department said it was by the orders of the Board of Directors who apparently feel it is OK to DISCRIMINATE against citizens engaged in a lawful behavior.  In Texas, this was done by posting (properly no less) the "30-06" signs on all public entrances.  This sign prohibits lawful concealed carry.
McKinney TX Sprouts

I wonder if Sprouts knows this, about Texas CHL licensees?

A Texas Concealed Carry License Holder:
  •  has no felony convictions - lifetime
  • has no Class A or B misdemeanors within the last 5 years
  • has passed state and federal fingerprint and background checks
  • has no delinquent conduct within the last 10 years
  • is not delinquent in child support, student loans, or state/local taxes
How much to they know about their OTHER customers???

I have darkened their doorway for the last time.  There are other stores such as Whole Foods, or Central Market, Tom Thumb, or Krogers, which DO NOT DISCRIMINATE.  These stores have equivalent quality and selections, including the desired bulk foods.  Sprouts Farmers Market has lost another customer.

Please note folks--Sprouts is not changing any laws that I know of especially in Texas.  The law permits a business to post no-carry on their property.   It's a dumb decision on their part, IMHO, but it is not a flouting any law.

The other public entrance also posted.


  1. I wouldn't care how many signs they post, they can't alter the law.

  2. Actually the law in Texas allows for a business to post a prohibition on lawful concealed carry on premise. Pretty well any more in TX, nobody posts those signs, except for some theaters (guess they want to encourage another Aurora CO incident, eh?)

  3. Odd. Our local Sprouts has no sign. At least last I checked

  4. Interesting how some make their own laws!...:)JP

  5. In my legal state of residence, they can post all they want, but its legal to carry if you are licensed. The worst they can do is ask you to leave and charge you with trespass if you don't.

    I tend to have to stop and shop late in the evening, I'm not going to go to and from a car in a dark parking lot that advertises all its customers are unarmed.

  6. I'm with ya MW. Screw those guys. If they don't want my money I bet I can find someone who does.

    Oh, and Happy New Year! How's that for irony?


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