Sunday, December 1, 2013

FYI: Reloading Heads-up on 9mm

Just an FYI to any reloaders out there.  Seems S&B  (Sellier & Bellot) has a run of brass-washed steel case 9mm Luger out there in the "wild".  You can't tell it from regular full brass casings without a magnet.  The headstamps I have seen and sorted out are S&B 9x19 Luger 08 (or 09) codes.  All have the red primer sealant.

If you pick up range brass I highly recommend you run a strong magnet over your brass gleanings to pull out any steel casings.  While I have heard that you can reload steelcase, I believe there can be issues with the crimp, which may increase the risk of bullet setback.  That could result in a serious negative-happy experience at the range!  It's not worth the risk to me, so into the steel recycling bucket they all go!


  1. Your package arrived while I was away.


    Thank you so very much for thinking of us, both items are going to be used and enjoyed!

  2. Golly, you reminded me of those days my dad would set up to reload . . something i haven't seen - or thought of since i was a kid.



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