Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 cycling goals

I had planned originally on keeping this private, just in my head, so no one would know but me, if I failed.   But that's not really the purpose of a goal, is it?  So I have identified a few cycling goals for this new year.  For you faster, more accomplished riders, these may seem insignificant as goals, but for me, now in my second half-century on this dirtball, they are significant enough.

2015 Cycling goals

1.  To double my 2014 total mileage (or more!).  This means riding at least 4,365 miles by 23:59hrs, 12/31/15.  That's roughly what DH rode this year alone, and he missed 4mo of riding.  It works out to 84 miles a week.  That's not too hard to manage, provided the weather cooperates.  Now that I have a comfortable recumbent, that is also looking like a fast bike even for this old engine, it shouldn't be too horrible a goal.

2.  I want to do a sub-7 hour (moving time) imperial century.  I may try to do that at Hotter 'N Hell 2015 if I am feeling strong enough, especially considering the potential for high heat and winds out at Wichita Falls.  HHH just tends to bring out the best in riders, so maybe I can hit this goal there.  My last century was in 2012 at 7:44:32 for about 103mi (forgot to turn gps on at the start but it did capture 100.7mi) and a 13.0 moving avg.

3.  To enjoy riding BAK 2015.

4.  That all of my family avoids serious illness and injury in 2015.

5.  To remember on every ride that DFL>DNF>DNS.  (that's from a sig line I saw on BROL)


  1. I am cheering for you -

    Have i told you how Happy i am that you are part of my world??? Thank you for sharing - and for cheering . . (yes, Mia is going to be TALL - giggle)

    Brightest New Year!!!

  2. DFL = dead freakin' last
    > = is better than
    DNF = did not finish
    > = is better than
    DNS = did not start


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