Thursday, January 8, 2015

Too cold to ride...what to do?

Ok perhaps I am wimping out, but I have no desire to ride today due to the unexpected cold and windy day outside.  Yes I have cold weather cycling gear.  Yes I know Cheeseheads who ride in significantly negative temperatures (don't ask me how I know what went on at Trek years ago, and probably still goes on today!)  But at 34*F with steady 24mph winds, I just don't want to go out in it, no matter if it is a sunny day.

So what to do?  I've got some elbow inflammation acting up, so that sort of limits my weight lifting as I don't want to make it a chronic issue.  I don't want to ride rollers indoors--I'd likely crash and break something (bike, furniture, bones...).  Walk the dogs?  Too cold and windy.  I don't run unless it's an emergency (see also, Too cold). 

Wait a is Thursday, right?  (Yeah I know, I wrote this piece on Wednesday, thinking it was only Tuesday...oops!)  But Tuesday and Thursday is free swim time at the local senior center.  And I have a senior center membership!  A perk(?) of being in my second half century I guess. 

So, instead of freezing my fanny off tomorrow in this frigid spell, I intend to bask in the indoor heated warmth of the pool, attempting to remember how to swim laps!  I found my suit, and my bug-eyed goggles, so I should be set.  I wonder if they'd let me use my snorkel for lap swimming?   Hmmm, I will have to ask!


  1. The pool was warm, there were only 5 lap swimmers for most of the time I was swimming, I only swallowed a couple gallons of pool water, and the chlorine really opened up my sinuses, and they tell me I can use a dive snorkel if I want since they don't enforce that rule on the senior set.

  2. oh. I don't think I like you anymore, Vic.
    heated pool????? WAAAAAAAA, I wanna
    the closest I get to a heated pool is a hot shower or, sometimes, an Epsom bath.


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