Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy birthday Shiner!

Spotted this at the local Kroger grocery and I guess it just jumped in my cart when I wasn't looking!  

It hasn't chilled quite enough, but I couldn't resist trying something called Chocolate Stout. 

It's very definitely a Stout, and the chocolate flavor is quite pronounced.  I like it.  Too bad it is a limited run for just this brewery birthday.


  1. Birthday Beer , , ,what a brilliant idea!

  2. Need my mailing address? *giggle* Shiner is good beer anyway, but chocolate AND beer?! Oh yeah baby! *lol*
    Ride Safe ~:)

  3. Oh, I've had some of those also. Not that exact one but other chocolate stouts and some of them are quite tasty!

  4. OMG is that good beer or what. Nicely sweet with a bit of a chocolate finish. Mahvelous


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