Sunday, February 19, 2012

Introducing, The Yellow Peril!

Yes I was able to send Dave out today in the wee hours of the morning, to meet up with a gentleman over in Huntsville, to pick up my new ride.  The Yellow Peril, a Bacchetta Giro 26, low miles on it, and the bag included.  So of course, yesterday I scooted over to REI and found the appropriate color coordinated new helmet!  [smiley=bounce.gif]

I did take it out for a spin to test it this afternoon, though not the Wilmeth road loop I had originally planned.  Got a late start, and it turned out to be a wise decision, as I found out at the end of the ride, that the rear disc was dragging a bit, making the bike feel sluggish.  Dave kindly adjusted it for me, and it should be much more sprightly on my next ride.

It does ride quite nicely--not quite as jarring as Dave's F5 seems to me, though the tires are similar.  I like the BPivot stem, once we managed to adjust everything so I wasn't whacking my shins on the bars...No problems with from wheel/heel clearance,  But I think I will want to add a layer of denser foam under my tailbone, as I did have some minor discomfort.

I am looking forward to the Ride Ataxia Denton event, as I am going to ride the Yellow Peril there!

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