Saturday, February 18, 2012


Rain.  A simple enough concept, though with our most recent drought, a much sought-after, near-sacred event.  Rain.  You know, water falling from the skies, making drivers stupid.

Rain.  Cold and wet, 47deg and 14mph winds from the north, kind of wet.  It wasn't raining when we all left to do a spot of gear-shopping.  The dogs were out the rain.

Rain.  Cold and wet, falling from the sky.  No riding, or walking, or running, in the rain today.  Soup tonight, with the rain.

Rain.  My house now has a new smell about it--call it "Le Parfum de Chien Mouillé".  The Hounds of Renown are grumpy at having been left outside in the rain.  Mostly dry now, they lounge about, curled up, trying to stay warm, glad to be in from the rain.

Rain.  I can hear it falling, outside my window even now.  Wonderful, wet, life-bringing rain.

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