Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's been an interesting week...

So, last week got off to a less than stellar start, with MonkeyBoy coming down in the wee hours of the night, with a raging case of Croup.  Blech!  Finally managed to get his lungs to open up between the cool night air (which calmed him down) and the steamy bathroom, which worked better than I had expected.

It is kind of scary to watch your nearly-9-yr-old struggle to breath in and out...Luckily I knew it was croup, he's had it before, and off to the doctor we went that afternoon.  He's fine now, but the girls came down with the associated head cold (croup without the wheezing and barking).  Then Dave came down with it, only he's got it so bad, he's wheezing, and has been off work all week.  He goes to see the doc in an hour or so.  Hopefully he will get some meds to treat him.  He feels horrible, and it pains me to see him coughing so hard he can hardly breathe.

This morning I awoke to that slight hint of sinus drainage, which tells me I may soon be laid up with the same crud.  That'll be the 3rd time this year for me, I think.  Maybe I will be able to keep it out of my lungs, but I doubt it.

On a positive note, I did get to ride Dave's F5 bike yesterday.  My first spin on it.  I rode my usual route, but in the afternoon, and found I was nearly 3mph faster than on my Vrex, without trying harder.  It also resulted in a lower overall heart rate, and exertion level (as measured by the Garmin Edge 305).  Looks like I will be probably selling my Vrex to swap over to an Rans F5 Enduro or Bachetta Giro 26.

By upgrading and the resultant speed gains, I would gain a fair bit of time (relatively speaking) to try randonneuring, and also be able to complete T-shirt rides and charity rides faster.

And on a final sad note, our friend, referenced in Midweek Ramble, passed away yesterday from his injuries sustained when he and his wife were struck by a truck/SUV.  Tim A., until we meet again, I know that God will be holding you in the palm of His hand.

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