Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not much going on here.

Last week was a slow week.  Most of us here were sick-coughing-off work-etc.  We all had the crud.  I fared better than Dave, but only just...I seem to have managed to shake the lung crud without the aid of meds for once.  I just hope my luck holds.

So since no one has felt like riding or walking or doing much of anything, I decided to change bikes.  I am selling my well loved Rans Vrex recumbent.  You can see it here.  It's a great bike and very comfortable, but I found I was doing better on Dave's bike.  So I've found one similar and here in Texas, so I am going to try to acquire it this weekend.

I hope to be able to ride it on Sunday for an hour or two, and then can post my impressions.  Dave is going to pick up the bike for me, as someone has stay behind to wrangle the kids and the dogs.  Don't want to leave the dogs outside for 8hrs (barky) or inside (Cody can get bored and destructive), and the kids will be crabby stuck in the car for 8hrs with nothing to show for it afterwards (like a vacation drive has).

My weight loss has been holding steady even without the exercise, so I am pleased on that front.  Hopefully as the weather and health improve, I can make my primary goal, and then stabilize there for a while.  Then I will re-evaluate if I want to try to drop another 20#.  It gets harder and harder to convince my metabolism to quit conserving every excess ounce, and burn that fat.  My doc thinks 160 is a good stopping place for me.  I am going to try it for a while, and see how I feel and think about it.

One thing this weight loss journey has shown me, is I can get used to eating less, and eating better, and NOT eating a lot of wheat-based carbs.  Oh, I still crave fresh bread, but if I don't have it around, I don't eat it.  I am trying to incorporate the concepts from Pollan's Food Rules book.  Rules, such as don't eat things your grandmother wouldn't recognize or understand (ie: processed foods).  Or, if you think you are hungry, tell yourself you can have an apple.  If the apple doesn't sound good to you, then you're not really hungry.  I suppose you could substitute carrots or plain celery for the apple, but the concept is the same--if a healthy snack doesn't sound fulfilling, then don't eat.

Anyway, my friends, stay safe and stay healthy!

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