Sunday, October 20, 2013

A homeowner's work is never done.

It seems like the list of things to do and fix around here is never-ending.  We have been consolidating our list of repairs/upgrades this Fall as we have shed off our last consumer debt, save for the mortgage, and we are working on that

Things that need repaired or replaced—

  •          The back fence
  •          The kitchen floor
  •          The exterior house paint
  •          The back deck demolition
  •          The back screen door
  •          Refinishing the front door
  •          Painting several rooms
  •          The dead/dying Nanking Cherry bushes

This list alone is enough to keep us busy all Fall and Winter seasons.  We have scheduled the fence for spring Tax Season due to budgetary constraints.  Most of the rest just takes time and some paint, though the patio won't be cheap even doing the work ourselves.

Then there is the list of stuff to build—
  •          The front planter
  •     The new patio
  •          The gazebo/roof for the new patio
  •          New flooring ideas in several areas 
  •          Guttering

The biggest issue with fencing is being in a subdivision, we do not own all the fencing around our property line.  One part is a double fence (co-owned), one long run is ours (we have the posts on our side) and one belongs to the other neighbor on the south.  Trying to coordinate 4 households to work on all sides of our fence is going to be a challenge.  In addition, all four households have dogs and cats that need their yards returned to an intact fence status fairly rapidly.  I suspect we will have to piecemeal the fence work. 

Not everything is yet to be done however.  We do have the new dishwasher now, and it is nice.  After 17 years the old contractor grade unit just needed to go… plus there other kitchen appliances are all newer scratch ‘n dents or floor demos.  Hopefully they are of sufficient quality to survive our household!  Also the house has a new roof as of last summer.  That was a big thing that needed doing, and I am glad we were able to get it done.

Don’t forget yard maintenance either, or the HOA Yard Patrol will send you nasty-grams.  I guess some folks just ignore the nasty-grams as they have not mowed their weeds in over a month.  Photinia  shrubs grow like the weeds they are, and usually add 3-5ft each summer.  It routinely overtops the roof line in a single summer.  We chopped that back today, and later on we will attack the Photinia that over hangs our back fence from our west neighbor.  His shrubs are about as tall as a two story house, and growing.

All this work to do ought to keep us busy and out of trouble…maybe!  I am beginning to think I feel like Six, over at The Warrior Class, except I am not tearing up remodeling my bedroom, yet!


  1. I'm feeling your pain MW. Lu and I will be keeping positive thoughts out for ya! If we were closer we could swap labor.

  2. Oh how the Pres hated "to-do" lists...the winter projects always rolled over into summer, which then became fall, etc, etc. It sounds like you're revamping the whole place!...:)JP

  3. It is never ending. We need to restain all the logs and decks, but are also waiting until the tax refund in the spring.

  4. I keep thinking of tackling stuff around here like the Debt Snowball* plan, but honestly, when you factor in the summer heat and the short cool season (aka winter), it makes more sense to tackle the heavy outdoor projects first.


  5. We're having a painter come over tonight (if he decides to show up) to give us an estimate on painting the house. We did it ourselves the last time, but can't now due to hubby's work schedule.

    Good luck with all of your to-do's!

  6. Now that our children have left the home they have left floors that are a nightmare and walls full of finger prints. Over half the house still needs done. We also just had our roof done which is a huge endeavor, the water heater was switched to tankless-- but so much needs done. But regarding being able to dispatch your debt-- CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome. I can't wait till I can say the same.

  7. To-do lists seem to grow with every passing minute; since Dave died, I'm always behind. I want to sell in the spring and people keep telling me to paint all the walls white...these rooms are 20x20 feet and white will make them look huge. I'm not painting...God will work it out.

  8. Man I am afraid to make the dreaded list it would be a very very long one around here. Good luck on tackling yours:) B


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