Friday, October 25, 2013

Random 5 Friday 10/25/13

Wow, another week gone by already!  I totally forgot to have my weekly R5F post ready to go.  Oops!  So without further delay, here is my offering for R5F this week.

1.  I seem to be healing up fine from my bike crash on Wednesday.  No real visible bruises, just a lot of soreness.  Today my low back feels almost normal.

2.  The crash set me back 1 helmet (broken), and one front tire.  Why'd it have to be the expensive Continental GP4000s that got the ruined sidewall?  I did find a great replacement helmet, but it was still $90, which considering the fit and venting is pretty reasonable.  Helmets these days can run upwards of $200.  But what price to you place on your CPU?

3.  The house repairs are coming along.  The front window framing has been rebuilt, primed and is ready to paint today.  I suppose I need to find some old trash clothes to wear for this job.

4.  I still cannot believe my old local NFL team, the KC Chiefs, are actually 7-0 so far this year!

5.  The dogs are driving DH and I nuts at night.  Out-in, out-in, 2-3 times a night, right in the middle of our deep sleep cycles.  They don't need to go out, they just want to go chase critters in the yard and explore.  The main culprit in this endeavor is Shiloh...


  1. A good helmet is worth the money. I am so glad you are OK. B

  2. Oh wow! Shiloh is beautiful! There are times mine want to go out during the night but I snarl at them and they, usually, go back to sleep. If they don't, I know it's not a fake visit and we ALL get up and go.

  3. Stop moaning about the helmet (although I would too) will save your life!! And now the dogs..THAT pooch is beautiful but I do know what you mean about them wanting to bark and chase critters...they HEAR everything even when they're old!!...:)JP

  4. We have three cats that do the in-out thing...never a minutes rest. And on top of that, part of the time they are just wanting us to go out with them.

  5. Our dogs try to play that game, but I shut them down with "go lay down" and that's it. Gotta nip that in the bud early or it's a real pain.

    Glad you are healing up from your spill. xo


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