Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How I spent my afternoon. ..

In the emergency room...I am actually ok, but my mom almost wasn't.  We had gone out to lunch with Mom, our treat,  and had enjoyed some decent bbq.  Afterwards,  we all headed down the block toward the bike shop,  when Mom  unexpectedly tripped over some broken sidewalk.  None of us were in a spot to catch her,  so down she went,  hard!

Face first on the cement...ouch! She didn't black out, but did have a good sized goose egg over one eye,  a nose that looked broken and a busted pair of glasses.  After seeing the goose egg,  I decided she,  at 83, ought to go to the ER.  I drove.

3-plus hours and 2 CT scans later,  she was released,  with nothing broken,  and no TBI. Whew!  I guess that's where I get my hard head from!


  1. Oh this is every daughters worst nightmare I watched my Mom do that once and land on her face and I spent lots of time in emergency I do know how that feels to feel so helpless. Your poor Mom I am so happy nothing was broken, she is going to be sore today. Give her a hug for me will you. HUG B

  2. Good call taking her to the ER. Glad everything is alright.


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