Friday, October 4, 2013

Because Brigid would appreciate this...

And so will the rest of you Zoomies out there!  A flashback to Radial Land, courtesy of the CAF (Confederate Commemorative Air Force).

Fifi - the last flying B-29 in the world.


I can't explain my fascination with radial engines.

A sight few have ever seen...

Sentimental Journey - a flying B-17.
Yes, those engines are humming!

 There are a couple B-17's that still fly.  Collings Foundation has one, Ol' 909.  Sentimental Journey is another, operated by CAF.
For a price, you can take a ride in a B-17.
Classic B-17 nose art
Curtiss Helldiver - the last flying Helldiver in the world.
An even more rare sight, as the Curtiss does not come out as often to play.

Gunfighter - a P51D Mustang.
Not rare perhaps, but way cool!

Then there is Diamond Lil, the B-24 Liberator.  I always get the B-24 mixed up with the B-25 Mitchell.  Both types fly around here on a semi-regular basis, as CAF bases one of their B-24's at Addison.  But eventually I picked a mnemonic for it, 4 engines = B-24.  You get to go inside the B-24 tail section, and they also put up stairs to see into the cockpit.  Not a lot of room up there.

B-24 cockpit

There were a bunch of other aircraft there too, including a C-47 in  D-Day paint, an Expediter, a Texan, and a couple of Stearman-like Navy biplane trainers.
AT-6 Texan

N2S Stearman

A Stearman designed Travel Air 2000/3000/4000 I think.

I have a huge soft spot for the C-47/DC-3.

This one is a Stearman Speedmail.
 Below is a Stinson ST-10J.
I see this one and think of Alaska for some reason.

The Monkeys and I had a grand time.  They got to go into Fifi, and Diamond Lil, plus they got to see the B-17 take off and taxi after landing.  We missed seeing the flight of Fifi though.  I bet she is impressive!

If you ever have the opportunity to go to a show where the old Warbirds are on display, I highly recommend you do it.  There are very few of them left in operating condition--it's not like they make spare parts for these planes any more!  They often have to make their own replacement parts.  Even tires are hard to source.  But please, check out the Commemorative Air Force tour schedule, or the Collings Foundation schedule.  Both organizations fly these types of planes all over the country.  It is well worth the chance to see them and hear the sounds of freedom.


  1. Way cool is right I love these kind of shows. Awesome shots. B

  2. I agree with WAY COOL! I also enjoy looking at World War II aircraft. My all time favorite is the P-51 Mustang. I once put one together with the little model airplanes that kids used to make in the 1960's. Hubby and I visited the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL (‎) many years ago. It was so enjoyable to wander amoungst the old aircraft and think about the brave men that steered them through the skies. Happy memories. ~:)


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