Friday, October 18, 2013

Random 5 Friday 10/18/13

Whew, back from a long vacation, and feeling good!  I know I missed reading a lot of others' blog posts while I was in the Land of No Internet/Cell Coverage.  Yes there is such a place, but I'm not giving away its location either!

Here is my contribution this week to Random 5 Friday.

1.  The long drive from here to there and back, is even longer when you have to take two vehicles...

2.  The bike rides we did on vacation on the new tandem were fun, though DH's back was not happy.  I think we need to work on his seat position on the bike some more.

3.  I am disgusted that the House caved on the debt ceiling and the other stuff.

4.  I think it's cool that the Russians found a huge chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteorite .

5.  I am looking forward to seeing the Fall colors soon.  I was hoping to see some good color on our trip, but it was not to be.  Only the sumac had turned red, so sadly I missed seeing the lovely hard maples.


  1. That Chelyabinsk meteorite was very cool wish I had seen it in person. Hope DH back feels better soon. Oh I would miss the fall colours too especially the sugar maples. There is such a place wow I never knew that:) B

  2. not sure how i feel about the government? ... a bunch of loon tunes (that is meant to be funny) ... makes me sad that other country wonder about us. ( :

    have a nice weekend & enjoy those fall colors.

  3. tandem biking, was hubby doing all the work ;-)? I don't think any country is in a position to criticize your gov't, we all have malfunctioning ones ourselves..

  4. Our fall is slow here too - I think we've had too much rain.

  5. We don't have much colour change happening here yet either.

  6. don't get me started on the stinkin' government. glad y'all had a good vacation and home safely. visiting via a rural journal.

  7. Fall colors slow to emerge here too -- I fear we will have snow on green leaves, which is never good.

  8. Our fall was not spectacular but better than last year. Problem was we had 2 days to get out, enjoy and photograph. Hope you get a chance to enjoy it in your area.


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