Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On being thankful

In this season of Fall, and harvest time, that we are led to count our blessings.  I have been watched over, loved and protected--far more than I deserve.  I have been blessed to grow up and live in what my former professor and friend, Dr F. Moos, once called the "Least-worst country on Earth."  The older I get, the more sense that makes to me.

I am blessed to have good health for myself, my mom, my husband and my children.  I am blessed to have my partner in life, DH, as my husband.  He is a source of strength and stability for me.  I am blessed to have known my in-laws, and counted them as my own family, loved and beloved.  I am blessed by my extended family on both sides.

I am blessed to live in Texas, a vast bastion of common sense standing strong against the general lunacy and stupidity threatening to overwhelm us all.  I am blessed to witness God's actions in confounding His enemies, here at least, if not yet abroad.  I pray His grace and blessings continue for we need them.

I am thankful we were missed by the big winter storm this weekend.  It looks like other folks were not so fortunate.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

I am thankful for our face-to-face friends, both here and in other states.  And for my friends in the blogger-verse, for friends are the spice of life.

I am thankful for DH's continued good employment.  There are times it has brought some small amusement into our lives, and other times it left us scratching our heads wondering what on earth they were thinking, but you know, it beats the alternative!

I find myself thoughtful, on approaching the end of my first half century here.  I don't feel old...well ok, sometimes the aches and pains make the body feel its mileage, but not the mind.  It's been a good run, so far, and I am hoping for a good second half!


  1. This is a sweet post and as Lisa says lots of good, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. good health and Texas...YOU ARE SO BLESSED!!!

  3. "Least-worst country on Earth." Wow that professor seems to be a downer:)
    Oh you have so much to be thankful and I am happy for that. You are so very young. Take care B


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