Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's in a day?

What's in a day?  Lots of things, at least on some days.  The time from Halloween to today is a busy one for me and mine.  There's of course, Halloween which is for kids (big and small!), Thanksgiving, then near Christmas, a pair of birthdays close enough together to share a cake most years, and then comes Christmas, and New Year's Eve (parties if you do that sort of thing), and New Year's Day (aka hangover day for the party crowd!).

Which brings us to today.  January 2nd, 2014.  Time to dig out my copy of The Grim Reaper's Book of Days, to see who famous or otherwise, died on this date in history...*  No, that's not what makes this date special to me.  It's our anniversary!   Yes, 15yrs ago today, my life changed, for the better.  Time flies, when you're having fun!

We've bought two houses, sold one, moved halfway across the midwest, birthed 3 Monkeys, had as many as 3 dogs at one time, gotten back into biking, gotten fat, gotten skinny, buried parents, gained friends, and through it all stayed in love. 

Happy Anniversary my dear husband!  I love you!

* Ross Alexander, Hollywood actor committed suicide.  The studio hired a replacement, a young actor on his first job, Ronald Reagan.


  1. I got "the Grimm Reaper.." and thought...yikes! Then I went on to read...CONGRATS and have a great one!!!...:)JP

  2. Way cool! Happy Anniversary Monkeywrangler. [singing] "And many more ..." So happy to hear of others still in love after so many years. I'm lucky I married my best friend. We'll celebrate our 35th this August, if we're still above ground. Oh, the stories I could regale y'all with ... :) God bless!

  3. Oh Happy Anniversary I wish you many many more. Hug B

  4. Happy Anniversary MW and DH! Lu and I wish you many, many more.


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