Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Indy update...lack of sleep and near-explosions of the doggy kind

Indy has been doing well, and seems to be integrating peacefully into a now-three dog household.  We have been taking him on short walks, with Cody and Shiloh, so he can learn to walk properly on the leash (he doesn't understand he cannot run freely any more), and to give Cody a walk he can, at 11yrs old, tolerate in the heat.
Indy snoring in his crate.

Indy is very food driven, and should be fairly easy to train in the basics of household behavior.  I hope.  However, with the kids in the house, and dog treat biscuits, there seems to have been a problem.  The dog treats disappear faster than the dogs could possibly be stealing them.  Thus I suspect an involvement of Monkeys.
All three resting together.
Unfortunately, between being forced to change diets (from shelter to house chow) and an overabundance of treats, poor Indy's digestion rebelled a la Abby (or this)!  Around 10:30pm two nights ago, Indy issued his first barks ever from inside his crate in Monkeyboy's room.  It elicited the response he desired from me, which was some immediate attention.  He appeared in some distress, so I let him out, whereupon he made a beeline for the back door.  He ran around the back yard somewhat frantically, looking for a place to unload, explosively. 

I re-crated him afterwards, noting that it was likely to be a long night.  It was...Up again at 11:30, after which I elected to sleep in the living room with Indy (easier to clean up if necessary due to laminate flooring not carpeting), and then up at 1:00am with him, 3:30am with the coffee pot, 4:00 when DH came in for coffee, 5:00am when he left for his morning ride, and finally at 6:00am when he came back and then departed for work.  So much for my sleep cycle that night! 

Endosorb was administered overnight, and food restricted all yesterday, made for an unhappy dog!  But, by dinner yesterday, he was ready for a pot of soggy rice(help increase hydration) with a chopped up hard boiled egg.  Fortunately, the Endosorb seems to have helped, and I was able to set up a better bed for myself last night in the living room, to keep an eye on him overnight.  That way, I'm the only one who gets woken up.  All part of being Mom, I guess.
New Dog and the Diva.
But when you get three dogs to relax together, especially with a Diva in the house, life is good!  They are getting comfortable enough to begin playing together, and there are no problems at the water bowls or snarlyfests over chew toys.  Last night was uneventful, and I slept better than the night before.  I think he is over the worst of the doggrhea.  I'm hoping to sleep in my own bed tonight, as I have lots to do today, and would like to get a night of comfortable solid sleep.


  1. Poor Indy! I'm so glad he's feeling better. Our big dog Lucy (boxer), had that happen one time ages ago. We switched from that cheap Wal-Mart crap (can I say that?) called Ol' Roy to a more quality dog food. It hit her hard. Thank goodness we have a pet door. Wish I had known about the Endosorb. BTW, the el cheapo stuff was giving them kidney stones. It almost killed Maxie, my little schnauzer. Anyone feeding their dogs that, please stop. You're killing them.

  2. Oh doggie treats will do...I mean doo...that! Make your own...:)JP

  3. enjoying these posts on the Ridgebacks; just got Sadie's updated vaccinations...didn't realize there's a dog vaccine for Lyme. also, didn't realize heart worm tabs are good for all internal worms and flea larvae. now, that's a $avings.

  4. Oh he sounds like such a good boy for holding it until he got outside! Poor boy. I hope the tummy feels better soon, and you get your sleep!

  5. Glad things are improving on the digestion front hon. You are a good mom to sleep by Indy!

  6. I got a tip from our Rescue friends at TIRR. They recommend a plain yogurt spoonful in the kibble 2x a day to aid in curing digestive issues. Their main vet highly recommends it.


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