Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Updates and other things

I wanted to update folks on the status of Miss Nonnie, the injured Ridgeback.  Her surgery went well, and the first two bandage changes have been done.  The vet, Dr Deena, reports the leg is healing well.  She feels if it remains infection free, that Nonnie will have minimal scarring and full use of the leg.  Yay!

Here is a pic from about a week post-op.

Thank you to everyone who sent prayers, good thoughts, and donations.

And for all the good folks in Indianapolis area, especially Brigid, Tam, and Roberta X, bloggers all, I was glad to learn via Brigid's storm post yesterday that y'all survived the tornado, without damage I think.  Prayers sent for those folks who did suffer property damage or injuries. And Brigid, I'm not sure about the ice cream being calorie-free on tornado days....just sayin'!

The cycling has been going ok this month.  Although, the rain of late has reduced my total number of rides.  Still, we need the rain more than I need to ride.  With the traffic issues around here, I do not like to ride in the rain.  Eventually I will get my 50+ mile ride in for the year, since I did not manage it for my 50th birthday.  I have a route planned out.  I might even invite a friend or two to come out with me, or I might just go it alone.  I don't know.  I still have to sort out which bike I will ride too.  Decisions, decisions! 

Cody dog has been seizure free since going on PB 6wks ago.  He is a little slower and lazier (is that even possible for a RR?).  But I suspect we won't have him for more than a year more or so.  He might surprise me though.  I try, gently, to prepare our youngest daughter for that eventual one-way trip to the vet for Cody. It will be hard...especially for her.

And Indy dog is doing well--mostly.  He eats like a hog at the feed trough, and drinks like a noisy camel.  While he isn't what I would call housebroken yet, he is mostly ok.  It's a lot harder to train up a 2yr old, just-neutered male dog not to pee inside, than it is a puppy!  And other than destroying one crate bed, and a tennis ball, I don't think he has eaten anything else of value.  His basic commands training is progressing too.  He has mastered SIT, and occasionally PAW (aka SHAKE), and he seems to understand DROP without having been trained.  I am very happy on that last command, as it is essential to get him to release items in his mouth.

It was pretty funny last night--the kids had Indy all amped up, being frisky indoors.  He bounced off the dog couch and onto Shiloh...big mistake!  As he landed on her, she whirled around into him, teeth flashing, and the snarl on her face and the noise that came out of her were like a demon from the 7th Level of Hell!  Indy would do well to listen to these words of wisdom--"Don't mess with the Diva in the house!"  He retreated at top speed, tail tucked! between his legs.

I hope everyone has a good weekend upcoming with time spent with family and friends.  I might go to a Funshow in Mesquite this weekend as I haven't been to one in a while.  Or I might just go for a long ride.  What are your plans for the weekend, my friends?


  1. So happy to see Nonnie is improving. That does my heart good. There as such good and giving people out there. God bless 'em!

    Hope you get to go for the long ride. I'd rather ride in a light rain than in this summer heat, but I have a motor. :)

    No plans for the weekend yet. We're really struggling in this economy (Guess you heard it shrunk 2.9% just last quarter?! And the 2.9% is after continuous quarterly shrinking for 6 years.). Gas, medicine, food. Gas, medicine, food. That's all we can buy anymore. Thank goodness my motorcycle gets 64 mpg. That's a big help. Besides, I feel tired all the time. Can't seem to shake it. Maybe I just need to sleep for two or three days. Get caught up or something.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. ~:)

  2. Poor Nonnie. I hope she continues to heal well.

  3. Nonnie looks strong and will heal now hopefully! ...:)JP

  4. Yes!!! the leg does look good . . thank you for sharing "the rest of the story."

    Your life sounds super full - -

    I do think there should be calorie free days during super stressful times . . might have to petition the Universe for that . .

    Happy Weekend to YOU!!!

  5. Glad Nonnie is on the mend and thanks for the well wishes and prayers after the tornado. Seeing the picture of the funnel cloud a block from my house where the wind barely blew was sort of an eye opener. Fortunately, it was a wimpy one F scale wise and although some folks lost their homes, no one lost a family member. For that we are thankful.

  6. Well, you tricked me with that last question..weekend? Did I miss a week? -smile-
    so glad Nonnie is doing better, what good news and welcome.


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