Sunday, June 8, 2014

ND = New Dog = Indy

Oooh! I l love attention.

Look what followed us home...His new name is Indy, long for ND, or New Dog.  We were made aware of his situation via the Ridgeback rescue network, and it turns out he was at our local county shelter. 
This is all so strange...

DH and I went to check him out yesterday, and today we took up our other 2 dogs, and the 3 Monkeys.  He passed all the checks with flying colors, and even is getting along with Cody, "Mr Crabby".  He is young, and was picked up as a stray in town.  A livernose, and our first purebred
Ridgie.  He's still got a lot of puppy in him, and he is gentle, but unmannered. Training is essential in his case, but as he seems rather food-driven, it shouldn't be too hard.

A vet trip is in order tomorrow to make sure there are no med issues, and to share his current records from the county.  So far, he is behaving better than I expected.  I think he will be a good dog.
Do I really get to be a house dog?


  1. Another lucky dog! He is a beaut. I hope all the training goes well. By the way, I enjoy having 3 dogs too. I just can't get past having that number of dogs in my house. Seems to be my comfort zone.
    God bless. ~:)

  2. He just wont the dog lottery!

  3. Thanks everybody. DH made it possible, and I think we might have won the rescue dog lotto again.
    Indy did best at the vet and we confirmed he is heart worm negative. Yay! He got a regular deworming done, and had hw monthly med and flea killer given today too. He was a joy at the vet...Not freaked out at all.

  4. Good boy, Indy...handsome and well mannered too!...:)JP

  5. i love the way Indy crossing those legs. super cute. i have never had a dog. so i have always wondered what it would be like? i want a pug. something small. i need to jump out there & just do it. like nike says. JUST do it!! ( :

  6. Congratulations!!! What a handsome fella - Hurray on lives saved, families expanded, love shared . . .

  7. He looks like a great addition to the family hon. I love his name. It's perfect!

  8. he's a pretty dog, do you know how old? in one picture, he looks like some Pitt Bull in there...the angle of the camera...? it's been my experience, all Ridge's are food driven; Dave used to call ours "counter surfers" and nothing was safe...especially food but we love 'em anyway.


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