Thursday, August 29, 2013

Winter IS Coming 2013

Winter IS Coming 2013

Last year I wrote some about the concept of Winter is Coming.  Today, a year later almost, it is not better.  In fact it is worse.  But not all the news is bad, just most of it.

If one pays attention to what some scientists (including NASA) are saying, we are in the early stages of a solar minimum.  What does this mean?  Cooler average  global temps and more volatility in localized weather.  Living in Texas, cooler is better, at least in my opinion.  So much for Global Warming, eh?
1984 was long time ago, and even the vaunted movie came out in 1985!  Still looking at the recent scandal ridden White House, the term Orwellian comes to mind first.  Hmm...let’s see…the IRS being used against conservative political groups and persons, for the gain of the people in power.  This makes Nixon’s Enemies List pale in comparison .  Gosh, Nixon only had 20 names on his list.  At latest count (06/27/13) the IRS had targeted 292 conservative groups.
Now you have Snowden fleeing the US with something like 4 laptops full of secrets…including detailing the domestic spying our government is doing on us!  Not the terror cells that are operating in the country—just us rank and file wage slaves.  And he gets amnesty in Russia… I am only surprised at how long it took Russia to decide to take him in.
Oh, and what about the much-ballyhoo’d Arab Spring?  Hmm…I seem to recall a recent “hot mic” incident with an Egyptian minister, stating their war should be against the USA and Israel, not Ethiopia.  And to think just before this, we the US, had given them 1.3 billion in aid.
And now look at Syria.  Here we are, in bed with the terrorists we are supposed to be against.  Most of the armed rebel groups in Syria are apparently foreign fighters, not local Syrians.  Most of the foreign fighters are aligned with groups such as Hamas, Al Qaeda and others.  Just do a search online for “Syrian Rebel Foreign Fighters “ to see all the articles too many to reference here.  And our government thinks it is a good idea to give these folks training with MANPAD launch systems, and weapons. 
How long do you think it will take for those items to be turned against our interests overseas, our military, and even worse, our homeland?  And let’s not forget the weapons-running operation in Libya, run by the obvious TLA, but supplying these high-tech arms to the Islamist rebels.  I don’t get it.  Or maybe I do, sadly.  And our President wants to help them more now.  Wants to launch a military strike into Syria.  Help Al-Qaeda.  Help them overthrow a legitimate government…and install an Islamic regime.  Just whose side is our government on, anyway?
And to make things in the Middle East even more “interesting”, there was a recent military coup in Egypt, ousting the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now spiraling out of control  as the military government attempts to shut down the MB protests.  Reminds me of the supposed Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”  I guess it really isn’t Chinese, but it sure is an accurate curse.


  1. I just don't watch the news. Or any tv.

  2. May you come to the attention of powerful people. May you find what you are looking for. Be careful what you wish for. And don't end your sentences with a preposition.


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