Wednesday, December 16, 2015

All we want for Christmas...

All we want for Christmas is a new dog couch, a new dog couch, a new dog couch!

Yes, the stinky old dog couch has gone where all ratty old couches go...the dump!  The dogs are quite dismayed too.  Shiloh keeps wandering around the living room, looking for it.  Ranger is rattled enough by the process of moving, that he slept in the dog crate last night, not in his regular dog bed!  And Indy, well, he just makes the best of it and hogs 3 dog bed pillows at once.

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  1. Great photo! My dog has totally destroyed our fold-up futon which serves as a sofa. The frame is still good (ash) but my hubs wants to get a real leather sofa. We have a leather love seat but that won't fit the three humans anymore ever since the wee one became mom-sized. He's only going to get bigger. I'm looking to find a good home for the futon frame (free to a good home that doesn't mind dog-hair stuck in all the crevices).


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