Thursday, December 3, 2015

On the DMV...AArgh!

Why is it all DMV's are the same?

So last month I got a notice in the mail telling me I had to renew my drivers license in December.  No big deal I thought, thinking I could go online and submit the info.  Then I read the letter, and it stated that since I received the letter it meant I could not go online to renew.  Crap.

I went to our local DMV back in 2003 when we first moved here, and with newborn infant in tow, on a really hot Texas day, and suffered through the process of exchanging my Kansas DL for a Texas DL.  This, as I recall took hours.  Really.

So today I decided since I had errands on that side of town, I would go in the morning, get my DL done and my errands after.  I drove over there, and pulled into the lot to park.  Uh oh, I said, as I looped for the third time around the jam-packed lot.  I asked an officer who was standing outside, and he suggested I park in the grass, since parking on the nearby street was prohibited.

After finding a spot in the grass dry enough so the van didn't get stuck, I wandered over to the doors.  They looked funny, because I could see a bunch of legs pressed up against them from the inside, sort of like human sardines, or folks seeing how many college students you can cram into a telephone booth.  I hesitated, then opened the door to see the humongous line of people jamming the entryway as the line wound around inside.  Uh oh, I thought again.

I inquired politely if they were all waiting for drivers licenses, to which I received a chorus of "yes, yep, and uh huh's".  One kind soul offered up that the wait was at least an hour and a half, or more.  I just groaned, and decided I didn't have time to waste slogging through a DMV line today.

Heading back to the car, I noticed the building hours listed as 8am-5pm M-F.  I guess I will head over there before 7am tomorrow.  At the least, I should be able to get a proper parking spot, and with any luck, be in the first 10-20 people in line.  I hope I can bring enough coffee to get me through this!

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  1. Ours is not usually too bad. An advantage of rural living? I did have a time though when I bought my grandparents' ancient jeep from my grandmother. It was in my grandfather's name and he was deceased and I actually had to produce all sorts of crap including a death certificate and the will where it showed my grandmother owned the estate and then several extra signatures from my grandmother. All for a twenty year old jeep!


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