Monday, December 28, 2015

Sad update to Tornado post

While everything here at the casa is fine, with no damage from the storms, not everyone was so lucky.

Sadly, the number of dead and injured in the North Texas tornado outbreak Saturday night, continues to rise.  There were 23 injured that I have read, and 11 killed, most of them in their cars at I-30 and the PBG tollway.  Hundreds of houses in Ennis, Garland and Rowlett were damaged or destroyed.  Pets have been lost or killed also.

Please keep those affected, and the first responders too, in your thoughts and prayers.  If you feel so inspired, donate to the Red Cross, or Salvation Army.  Donate blood to your local blood bank--it won't be used here, but I guarantee someone in YOUR area needs blood NOW.  Donate to your local animal rescue organization--they help reunite lost pets after storms like this, with their owners.

And whatever your feelings on the company Chik-Fil-A, please understand that here in NTX, they were responding Saturday night along side the Salvation Army, helping by providing free food to the first responders and folks displaced by the storms.   I haven't heard of another company doing that yet, let alone RIGHT after the storms moved past.


  1. That was heartbreaking to hear. I had one time I was commuting between here and Indy when a line with tornadoes went through, none as severe as what you saw, but enough to take a car off a road. I was on a section where I had no place to go (they weren't forecast for several more hours) and I realized just how lucky I was to make it home safely that night. The folks there are in my prayers. I'm the universal donor so I made sure I made a stop to donate, as well as send funds to the Red Cross - small things any of us anywhere in this country can do. Be safe and have a Blessed New Year.

  2. I'm all about Chick-Fil-A, they put their money where their mouth is and kudos to them! They also know that when your ox is in the ditch, it's time to be a Christian instead of talk about being a Christian. I am sorry to hear of the TX hardships...terrible any time but especially at Christmas.
    Vic, Happy New Year to you and yours; may you celebrate in good health and happiness.


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