Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And so it begins

The crew arrived at 8am to begin the excavations.  An hour later, they were chest deep in the holes under my house!  Every hole is dug by hand.  There are 18 holes to be dug.  They will be finished digging by tonight, with most of the piers set, in order to do the lift.
The crew has already begun to dig.
Thru my beveled glass door looking at them jackhammering a hole in my porch.
Chest deep in a hole under my house.
Placing the concrete piers.
Looking down at the placed piers.  Ready to place the jack.

In truth, they have already finished the front of the house!  This crew is very efficient.  The lift is done already on the front of the house, the holes backfilled, and ready for new concrete caps in the places they had to jackhammer concrete out.

Tomorrow, they will be back to lift the rear of the house and finish everything up, including remortaring any brick cracks and the concrete work.  They'll even re-lay the pavers on our patio that had to be removed.

I will say when they placed the piers, and lifted the front, our poor house made some very strange noises!  It creaked and thumped, and vibrated a little.  I'm glad the dogs were at TIRR for the duration of this repair.  The noises and all the workmen would have disturbed them greatly.


  1. That's a boatload of hard work! I would have been tempted to go with the dogs.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh Sandra it was fascinating to watch! Especially the whole part where they lift the house. I enjoyed watching throughout the day.

  3. I can't believe you have workmen coming to do work... on Christmas. Seriously.

    1. Actually they finished by lunch time yesterday, Dec 23. The paint crew starts work Monday though. And the flooring crew on the 4th of Jan.


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