Friday, April 22, 2016

R5F April 22

Well it seems that Friday has crept up on here is a quick shot at my week. As always, linking up with Nancy at for R5F.

1.  Moving 4300# of gravel by shovel is hard work!  The kids and I built a wood and gravel platform, 8x16', for DH's woodpile empire.

2.  The tree guy couldn't take down our tree yesterday because he got the bucket truck stuck in the mud in my yard.

3.  Wishing the Queen, HRH Elizabeth II  (EIIR) a happy 90th birthday!

4.  We had to split our chicken flock into two boxes.  The big chicks were picking on the little ones, due to crowding.  Seems all are happier now.

5.  I can't wait until we can let the guineas out to range on the bugs here.  Those two little grey assassins made short work of a huge wolf spider yesterday!


  1. Always fun to see what you are wrangling -- and wrangling gravel is hard work! The Queen is amazing -- she just keeps on "wrangling"! Ok ... enough! I enjoyed your post. Have a great week!

  2. Glad to hear about your Guinea hens. I knew someone who had a flock of them just to eat all the ticks in her garden. I had to laugh about the mud... we're mostly wetlands here. But that's a great idea about the gravel bed for the wood. I'll have to mention that to my hubs. We have racks of aged wood, but eventually the racks sink down into the dirt...


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