Friday, April 8, 2016

Random 5 Friday 4/8/16

As Nancy was kind enough to restart R5F a week our do ago, I'm going to make an effort to post to it.

1.  We have chickens now.  A small backyard flock, all newly hatched from the farm and ranch store.  Included are 2 guineas (hopefully both hens...) and 5 pullets, 2 black sex links, 2 production Rhode island reds, and a mystery chick.  The plan is to add a few more chicks, if they get in the breed I want.

2.  My DH ordered a new tool to help build his wood pile empire.  A Fiskars X27 splitting axe.  He also ordered a set of the Fiskars ratcheting loping shears that I have wanted since last fall.

3.  There seem to be a lot more annoying insects out here, than back in the Metromess.  I think we need a bug zapper...I'd hang it on the side of the shop, and draw the bugs over by the chicken coop!

4.  We finally got our septic/plumbing issues sorted out.  Had to pump the whole tank out.  We didn't fill it--we've only been here a month!

5.  One of these days, I will be back on the bike I hope.  I still need to get either one of them prepped and cleaned to ride.  It's only been since early November... Maybe I will do that today.  


  1. Enjoy your chickens and fresh eggs. Your DH is doing some serious splitting. Love your use of Metromess ... the big city really is a metros (I'm going to borrow!). Good luck with the bugs. Glad to hear the plumbing issues are all sorted out. Happy Friday!

  2. Hello, stopping by from Nancy's R5F. I would love to have chickens, I would love to see a photo of your chicks. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. 1. How fun. Enjoy them. I wonder what the "mystery" one will be.
    2. That's hard work but he looks to be handling it well.
    3. I hate annoying bugs but I think those "zappers" are annoying too.
    4. Hooray because that is never fun.
    5. I gave up bike riding years ago. It hurts my knees and I hate being chased by dogs while I'm riding.

  4. Fresh eggs are the best! the chicks are adorable. Glad your septic is sorted out. I don't like zappers because they're indiscriminate, unless you get the one that lures biting insects with CO2. It snowed yesterday, but temps were in the 40s. Luckily everything melted. Happy Spring!

  5. Chicks are so much fun! You will love the guineas too. :)


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