Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The tree is done

The large Water Oak in our back yard had to go.  I hated doing it, as it was probably close to a hundred years old. But sadly, the heart of the tree was rotten, probably from lightning strikes,  plus a huge hole in the base of it, and insect damage all meant the tree was not really safe.

Dave tried to top it, but wasn't able to get high enough in the tree. So we hired an arborist to come top the tree. Dave would drop the remaining trunk later, and we would cut the limbs for firewood.

It only took an hour for them to top the tree.  The kids and I worked about two hours on the 3-D jigsaw puzzle of limbs, with me on the small chainsaw.

Unfortunately, the chainsaw safety gear, chaps, helmet, face shield, and ear-pro do not breathe well, and I got rather over heated in the sun and humidity.

Still, we got a lot done before Dave got home from work. I left him all the big logs to cut with his new Stihl 311.  It's really too much saw for me to wrangle safely.

We will be working on the pile more tomorrow, after the shelter install is done, and before the big storms are forecast.

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